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Another Bolding Survey

Hi, I'm new and I'm bored :D

Bold what is true for you. I'd also appreciate it if you mention it came from me :)

1. I have long hair.
2. I bite my fingernails.
3. I love fantasy movies.
4. Sometimes I wish I were a bird so I could fly far far away.
5. I own more than one tv.
6. I'm afraid of the dark.
7. I'm scared of spiders.
8. I like prawns.
9. I suffer from migraines.
10. I like dark poetry.
11. I've watched Batman Begins. 
12. I've called a teacher mum/dad.
13 I'm left handed.
14. I believe in reincarnation.
15. I've seen a ufo.
16. I've had a panic attack.
17. I like trees.
18. I prefer spring to summer.
19. I moisturise my face.
20. I think global warming is load of rubbish.
21. I'm happy with the size of my feet.
22. I hate opera.
23. I watch soaps.
24. I watch the news.
25. I like having my photo taken.
26. I've broken a bone.
27. I've nursed an injured animal.
28. I dressed up as a nurse when I was little.
29. I heard someone call my name once when nobody was there.
30. I know who Sally Field is.

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