Keyser Söze (kierjuno) wrote in surveying,
Keyser Söze

Graduate research project: need 30 more participants

Dear Prospective Participant,

I’m at the data collection stage of my dissertation and I need participants to use my information retrieval application and then take a survey afterwards. This is not a paid survey.

In terms of the amount of time it will take, you should probably set aside 20 to 30 minutes for this if you decide to submit a new search, but it take less time if you use the saved searches and then take the survey.

KeyView is a web based search application that uses document keyphrases instead of keywords, to determine the relevance of a document to a search topic. The purpose of this study is to investigate user satisfaction as it relates to using a keyphrase search application (KeyView).

Study Procedures:

You will be asked to create search words for one topic that you are familiar with and also for one that is unfamiliar, then submit them to a search engine via the KeyView application. KeyView will collect the results and create keyphrases that you will use to evaluate the documents in your collection of search results. After using KeyView you will be asked to complete a questionnaire.

Alternative Study Procedure:

You can explore the results of saved searches submitted by other users of KeyView if you prefer not to submit a new search and wait on the results, or if you encounter an error while using the application.

KewView is located at (this explains how the application works, please read this first)

Collected data will be used for the dissertation defense.

Thanks for your time.
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