yoot_faari (yoot_faari) wrote in surveying,

Massage survey.

1. Do you like massage?

2. Approximately how many massages have you purchased in your lifetime? How old are you?

3. Do you prefer going to a spa for a massage or to a private practitioner?

4. What sort of massage do you enjoy receiving? Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai.. etc?

5. Have you gone to the same practitioner or do you like to switch?

6. What makes a good massage therapist?

7. Do you like a lot of pressure during a massage?

8. Do you appreciate when the therapist asks you questions during the massage to ensure that you are comfortable?

9. Have you had any unpleasant experiences with massage? Please describe.

10. Where do you live?

11. Do partake in any other Alternative or Complementary medical practices? Which? Why? For how long?

12. Have you gone to a Massage Therapist to resolve a specific issue? Please Describe. How long have you had this issue? Was it resolved?
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